Student Scholarships

ACE Family Foundation Scholarship was founded on the belief that families with loved ones living with chronic illnesses deserve to have someone to help lighten the load as they continue their education. Our scholarships are designed to provide financial support to hardworking high school seniors who reside with and /or have a family member living with a life threatening or chronic illness.

Since 2018 we have awarded 18 scholarships to local high schools and 4 to local colleges.

Applicants will be asked to provide a written statement summarizing their need, to be submitted to the school where they are applying for the scholarship.

Selection and application for these awards take place through individual schools, students should search for ACE Family Foundation through their organization’s scholarship programs

I would like to thank you for the award honored me from ACE Family Foundation. Thank you for acknowledging how hard I have worked and wishing me the best. I am very grateful, and yes, we are in a bit of a different world right now but my journey looks brighter because of your support and generosity. ” — Scholorship Recipient, Long Island, NY

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